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 AlmereGrid has created a 4-screen linear Video Wall.

The first version of the video wall is in the Desktop Grid demo corner at the Almere Big Data Value Center. A lot of events are organised in the centre related to Big Data and distributed computing. The focus of this centre is on using the technology, hence there are many workshops meetings, etc. for SMEs. For the centre, such a demo corner adds liveliness and a sense of technology. It makes abstract topics like distributed computing and Big Data more visible.

The goal of the video wall is twofold:

  •        Continuously displaying videos with Desktop Grid information
  •         Explaining distributed computing technology

The videos provide an advertisement of crowd computing Desktop Grids. We choose videos that are visually attractive, even when the sound is turned down.

For the technology we opted for inexpensive screens powered by Raspberry Pi computers. The inexpensive screens make the video wall very affordable. They have the drawback that there are relatively big black edges between the screens. This makes it necessary to carefully check and position the video on the screens, otherwise important features like faces are invisible.

Recently the video wall has been moved to the office of the IDGF.

The Video wall at the IDGF office.

More details on the AlmereGrid Videowall